Our Story

Who We Are

Growing up in Indiana on a dairy farm and later raising cattle and crop farming instilled in me a love for animals and the land that feeds both them and us. Then when I was 17 my parents moved to Utah and I soon learned to love the west and all it had to offer. Big open ranges and cattle with plenty of room to roam. In 2006 I moved to Eureka, Nevada, working in agriculture and spending a lot of time hunting and chasing mountain lion in the winters. In 2014 I purchased my own farm where we have 250 irrigated acres and crested wheat pasture and where I currently farm along with my wife Benita daughter Julie and twin boys Dirk and Drew.

Quality Product

So how did we get started with bison? Well, I’ve always had an interest in things that were a little different and the adventure that awaits. You never know unless you try! So in 2013 I bought 3 bison heifers from a neighbor that had them to train his cutting horses, with the intentions to finish them out and butcher them for myself and possibly resell a couple of them. Then a friend of mine suggested that I get a bull and raise some calves and hence began the journey that has led us to this point. Over the years we have purchased more animals and kept our replacement heifers to slowly build our herd all the while growing an immense appreciation for bison. Their adaptive nature and efficiency of grazing even when the snow gets deep makes them a clear choice for us where we can plant cover crops for regenerative agriculture practices and graze them late into the winter. In 2020 we started a new venture of selling our prime bison meat direct to consumer which has led us on a challenging but exciting adventure. Today we run well over 100 bison on our place and plan on continuing to grow.

Our Commitment

Here at Miller Bison we are committed to the best farming and ranching practices for our Bison and the land through regenerative practices. We’re not only improving our land but keeping our Bison happy and healthy which in return creates a delicious and heart healthy source of protein for you the consumer. Here at Miller Bison we take great care in providing the highest quality Grass Fed and Antibiotic Free Bison product possible. With close care, premium stock, and knowledge of the Bison we raise, we can continuously provide the same premium product over and over again right here from Eureka, Nevada. So swing on over to our store and get some of America’s original red meat.